Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Heru Skipjack in review

Product guide - Heru Skipjack

Lovely yellowtail kingfish by Sydney gun Hayley Bonicci on Skipjack
Seth Hartwick swears by skipjack!
In focus in this blog is the Heru Skipjack which was previously marketed in Australia as the Nomad Skipjack.  It was designed to be a hybrid lure - to bridge the gap between a popper and a skipping pencil, it is fact a pencil popper! 
Brilliantly weighted to cast very well with little effort it is a lure that is versatile in that it can be retrieved a number of different ways to attract different species as well as matching their sometimes fickle feeding habits. Manufactured from 60 to 150g Skipjack is deadly on tuna (especially yellowfin), GT's, yellowtail kingfish, reef species and especially sailfish.

Skipjack is pencil popper that can be chugged by lowering the rod tip, with a relatively slow sweep seeing the small cup dig in an chug with an enticing swim and bubble trail - think very low effort!

By lifting the rod tip, the rod tip can be worked with a rhythmic short that will produce a jerky walk-the-dog action while work it fast will imitate a longtom or garfish skimpering across the flat.

working a Skipjack = easy

Heru Skipjack comes in four sizes -

60g (160mm)

90g (180mm)
120g (210mm)
150g (230mm)

and currently in five great colors at Ebb Tide

Blue Dog
Black Widow

Green Machine
Purple Dayz
Red Rocket

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Heru Wahoo in review

Product guide - Heru Wahoo stickbait

In focus in this blog is the Heru Wahoo which was previously marketed as the Nomad Dogtooth, it is designed to deliver an amazing side-to-side darting action, making the Wahoo a favorite of anglers and fish alike!
Wahoo has neutral buoyancy and can be worked slowly with a twitch and pause retrieve, simply a flat retrieve or right up to super fast skittering across the surface for the ultimate reaction strike, it is that easy to work! 

Southern Bluefin - no problem
 One of the longest standing and most proven big fish stickbaits in the world. Whether it is casting for kingfish, GTs, mackerel, tuna or any other large pelagic or smaller inshore or reef species, these lures excel. They are also an awesome trolling lure for for many species including marlin, tuna and wahoo.

Available in the following sizes:   
40g (145mm)
60g (170mm)
80g (190mm)
100g (210mm)
125g (225mm)
150g (245mm)
200g (265mm)

Constructed from quality hardwood with through wiring, NT swivel and Heru's quality paint and foiling, Wahoo (and indeed all Heru's) are built to be fished without fear of breaking the bank account.
The following is a fairly straightforward and forthright review by one of the global leaders in GT fishing, Captain Ed Nicholas from No Boundaries Oman - 

Beast in Southern Oman on Heru Wahoo
"Quick shout out to Ebb Tide Adventures who recommended the Heru Wahoo. I have used loads of their Poppers but this was new in my collection. If there is an easier big stick bait to use i am yet to find it, a very simply walk the dog creates an irresistible action with the lure rolling over and swimming in a lovely S action .. time to order more. I also enjoyed sharing more big fish days with my great friend & GT legend Bertrand Picarda"

 Check the range in store here

Kiwi action on Heru Wahoo on Enchanter -


Friday, 8 April 2016

Oman Adventures, back to No Boundaries!

There is no reason ever in this world why you wouldn't head to Southern Oman and chase mega GT's! To re-enforce this, the huge variety of other species on offer creates a challenge in keeping gear under airline weight limits!

When Sean Tieck, Mike & Hayley Bonnici, along with Mark & Matt West of Darwin barramundi fame were all keen to head over and experience the sensational No Boundaries Oman operation that Ed Nicholas and his crew have established over 5 epic seasons, excitement swiftly built and gear was madly packed! How could I not also join them to venture back after 2 years away from this iconic place!

March and April are renowned as peak times for mega-beast GT around Southern Oman and as always, these fish don't get big by being silly. Chances are though, if your body can stand up to chasing beasts here over 6 days, you are likely to at least get the opportunity to tussle with a Giant. With reels spooled with PE10 Toray braid, the strongest hooks and terminals packed and lures to accommodate them, IT WAS GO TIME! (GT Fishing here is PE10 territory, minimum)

Being greeted with news of consistent opportunities at good fish in the lead up to this trip, we crossed our fingers we would get the chance and convert! Matt was first on the board, after only about 15 minutes into our first day with Yassir & Ed, BANG! the Adhek Big Buffalo FMJ was inhaled and he was on the board with his best GT yet!
Matt West with a solid trip opener.
The day cruised on, until in a fury of commotion, a pack of Mahi Mahi lit up all around the boat and next cast saw the one thing every GT angler lives to witness, GT PACK ATTACK! Things didn't go as planned and we failed to convert onto the scoreboard. Heading back, we were left ruing our missed chance to begin with the perfect day.....

Sean, Mike & Hayley eased into the trip with a light tackle morning session on the famous Omani bream and had a great arvo on the GT grounds. The trip continued to produce solid chances every day for both boats in our group, with Sean and Mike rewarded with both their new personal best GTs of 43 and 47kg respectively. Great fish anywhere in the world!

Over the course of the week, ourselves and another group visiting the lodges consisting of Jussi, Henrik & Christer also had great fishing on the reef thugs guided by Mo. After day one, we returned to hear the destruction that Christer was subjected to having being absolutely destroyed on PE12 gear, with mega drag and clamped down hands on the spool. The GT just laughed and kept on powering to the reef. Yes that's right... PE12 fished to the max by our friendly giant Viking and destroyed!
Mike's 47kg PB!
Sean's new big GT, Oman GTs are brutes

The week drove on, with chances and fish coming each day. Bodies were becoming a touch weary and a chance to experience the variety available in Oman had to be undertaken. Friendly banter before the trip saw a PE1 challenge laid out, with Ed bragging about his mega bream of 64cm (fork!) taken on PE1 tackle recently. We couldn't say no and the challenge was ON!
Ed's benchmark 64cm PE1 bream to beat!
(Pic credit: No Boundaries Oman)
Everyone started in solid form, with a large variety of species including the sought after Omani bream hitting the deck for a quick pic and release. Then it happens, Sean whips out his now trademark "reverse over the shoulder super cast" and hooks a beast Mahi Mahi on PE1 gear..... How could we counter this and the seemingly obvious winner of the challenge?

Serious Mah Mahi on PE1 to Sean!
The stakes for bragging rights were high and slipping away.....

Then this happens.....

Andy's PE1 Permit on stickbait!
I cast into a bombie wash zone and bang, smacked on the drop after one twitch. I'm potentially in a LOT of trouble on PE1 but the permit plays nice and after a crazy powerful tussle he hits the net and my bucket list is ticked! A permit on a stickbait, Bassday Bungy Cast!

A solid offshore breeze limits the run to GT grounds the following day, so creative thinking by guide Chad sees Sean, Matt & Mark get into some sweet tight water polaroiding action with the famous Aussie designed Cranka Crab to the local Two-Bar Bream population!

The week of fishing rolls on and it's back into GT mode for the last component of the trip. As often happens, the last day sees the bite fire up, with Hayley landing her biggest GT of 36kg. Mark, Matt and I have a great final day with guide Chad with some mega queenies in the morning, followed by a quick jig session that saw about 8 species hit the deck in about an hour and a sweet arvo GT bite! There's no other way to finish this, except with pics!!
Hayley locked in, Oman style!
The smile says it all!!
Mark's 62cm bream!
Shout Stay 160g

Chad loves a GT swim on release!

Shout Lighten Jig
The Crew!
Thanks to Sean, Mike, Hayley, Matt & Mark for a great week! Also, it is always fantastic to meet other anglers from across the world, Jussi, Henrik & Christer, it was a pleasure and look forward to seeing you all again one day!!

Finally, a huge thanks to Ed and the entire team at No Boundaries Oman. If you want to experience this truly unique place for mega GTs, insane huge bream and a host of other species in an environment that continues to suprise and be treated like royalty, look them up at or on Facebook at

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Pilgrimage to GT Mecca

Pilgrimage to GT Mecca
By John Cahill
*Click on images to view in high resolution

There are now many locations globally that serve as must visit places for the GT angler and more are emerging of course as opportunities and minds expand and expeditions are mounted to explore new area's.  Historically however Komodo in Indonesia was one of a handful of spots considered world class.  In the embryonic days of GT popping; Komodo was the testing ground for equipment and will forever be enshrined in popping history.  Stories of cricket score catches of GT are legendary but on examination of the habitat this certainly seems possible. 
stunningly marked GT for Stewart
Strategic Angler Walker inhaled
My good friend Adhek should need no introduction however he is such an understated individual I must.  The man simply does not blow his own trumpet or seek publicity such is his nature. 
Adhek has run popping and jigging charters in Indonesia for more than 20 years after first being introduced to the concepts by Mogi San.  For about that long, Adhek has been designing and building top water lures as well. 

Adhek deserves respect and I am very honored to call him a friend, his contribution to top water fishing should be more widely acknowledged.  It is interesting to note that around 80% of Adheks clients come from Japan still to this day.  Adhek gave away fishing in Komodo more that a decade ago as the area had been commercially and recreationally fished to the brink with bad catch and keep practices so rife throughout Indonesia.  Past destructive fishing practices such as dynamite, cyanide, and compressor fishing severely threatened the Park's marine resources by destroying both the habitat (coral reefs) and the resource itself (fish and invertebrate stocks).  The declaration of the Komodo National Park and more importantly the declaration of the area as World Heritage Site and a Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO has aided significant recovery with much better management in place. 

Carpenter monster Hunter 80H

Over the last two years Adhek has been revisiting Komodo often with spectacular results.  It has gotten to the point that both of Adheks boats, GT1 and Hapuka operate from Komodo and Bali is being somewhat neglected now to the detriment of fans of fishing that region.  It is noteworthy that Adhek is licensed to fish the Komodo National Park and a Ranger is on board as an observer each day to ensure ethical fishing practice compliance.

Custom Carpenter of some sort owned by Adhek
It has taken me a while to line up the right time to visit Komodo however that chance recently presented and I traveled to Labuan Bajo with a typically international GT crew - Stuart and Lee Newnham from the UK (I have fished with Stewart before in Oman) and Chaun Tay from Singapore.  Some serious GT pedigree among this group.  

Disappointingly my rods and luggage did not show up with me despite Garudas best efforts so I would initially be stuck using Adheks custom Carpenter's, I could handle that but thankfully my gear showed up after a day.  Despite this hiccup I actually strongly support Garuda as the best airline to use within Indonesia when traveling with large amounts of luggage, just not so much this occasion.

Stunning and chunky fish for Lee - his best for Komodo
Cubera 150  - a reliable source of GT's
I am trying to find the words to describe Komodo and it's difficult to exactly corner to be honest, the place is like no other I have fished.  A vast expanse of islands, islets, reefs, bommies, shoals and rock formations swept by intimidating currents and surrounded by green hills and spectacular ranges are a mouthful.  Inshore I get a feeling I am fishing in a large inland lake or wide mountain river in North America or Europe.  Outside or ocean side it is significantly different again and the feeling is that of wild ocean.  Massive bommies with big seas crashing over the rocks and competing with current for the greatest disturbance is a recipe for white water and perfect GT habitat.  Anywhere you look, inside or outside there are ample locations in fact hundreds if not thousands of them that you would regard as A grade GT spots; currents raging over reef and drop offs with ample bait fish trying for their life to avoid being swept into the zone of destruction, it gets your casting arm twitchy at the thought.
Chuan - impeccable fighting action
The fishing was good without being spectacular but tapered off as the days went at odds with the good current.  Our highlight was an incredible two hours of mayhem on our second day where we were either hooked up, missing chances or watching GT's smash bait to oblivion.  This session was capped off with Stu nailing (or being nailed by?) a very fit and large GT in raging current.  The 15 or so minute fight was intense and left Stu victorious but gasping for air.  Stuart at 59 years old and Chuan at 58 are my ample inspiration to keep chasing GT's for a long time to come.  
Catch and release at Adhek Sport Fishing
One of the bommies offshore that sadly was slow for us had produced 52 fish in a session for Adhek in January such is the on or off nature of GT fishing but demonstrates the potential.  To dismiss GT's as dumb or easy is pure ignorance and indicative of limited experience, they can be as fussy as any fish on their day.

Located in the centre of the Indonesian archipelago between Sumbawa and Flores, Komodo as a visitors location is easy at a simple 90 minute flight from Bali and the main settlement of Labuan Bajo provides ample hotel accommodation and eateries and is safe and well serviced.
Whilst Komodo only lit up for us for a short but memorable time, there was ample evidence and incentive to be back soon only this time is will be inclusive of dogtooth jigging tackle.  

Chuan sucking in the oxygen

Successful lures included:
Craftbait GT3
Amegari stickbaits
Jack Fin prototypes
Yambal GT Harrier

Please enjoy some images! and contact us for any inquiries.

The fish of the trip for Stewart
Komodo 'inside' home to so many GT's
Outside is extreme - this site producing 52 fish in a session last January
Light tackle options
fearful creatures - the Komodo dragon